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WorldPoint, a distributor of high-quality CPR and healthcare training products for over 25 years, has your training needs covered. From curriculum & course materials to training supplies for CPR & AED training, skill training & simulation, and live rescue. We believe that if we bring the world the best products at fair prices, and we match them with unparalleled service, then together we can truly make an impact on the world.

CPR Taylor®

Represent real-world diversity and provide modern training reflective of real people with the first-ever 3-in-1 CPR training manikin. Train CPR on an adult male, adult female, and a child – on 1 compact & portable manikin!

Our Mission

At WorldPoint, we recognize the need for diversity, inclusivity, and realism in healthcare and CPR training — it’s how we improve outcomes. CPR Taylor and Baby Tyler are available in 2 realistic skin tones and diversity pack options, so you can better represent your community in your training.

Baby Tyler®

The incredibly lifelike Baby Tyler® replicates the size and movements of a real infant. Perfect for effective infant CPR training for bystanders and healthcare professionals!



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