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Desert Rain is an international distributor for Life Support Training Curriculum and related products including Rescue and Resuscitation Manikins, AED and Skills Trainers and simulation equipment.

PRESTAN® Ultralite®

The PRESTAN Ultralite Manikin is our most portable manikin, easy to transport & ship and simple to set up, use & clean. Offers an affordable method for CPR training. Available in single, 4 pack and 12 pack.

Ruth Lee Advanced Water Rescue Manikin

Manikin will allow you to accurately simulate the rescue of a drowning victim from the water and then continue with essential medical care once it is pulled into your boat or onto dry land.


Diversity Kit

This kit consists of two (One Light skin and one Dark skin) Professional Adult Manikins with CPR Feedback, two (One Light skin and one Dark skin) Professional Infant Manikins with CPR Feedback and two (2) AED UltraTrainers.


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PRESTAN® Ultralite®

Water Rescue Manikin

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TAKE2® Kit

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